About Splitlog Coffee Co.

Splitlog Coffee Co.

Strawberry Hill

548 Central Avenue - Kansas City, Kansas - 66101

Located in the Strawberry Hill Neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. Splitlog Coffee Company's mission is to make extraordinary coffee experiences easy and accessible. With an efficient drive-thru, local roaster, plenty of parking, and a warm, inviting atmosphere, hot breakfast, and a friendly staff, your morning coffee couldn't be more pleasant than at Splitlog. Splitlog prides itself on their ability to be fast, while serving quality products that they are genuinely proud of. 


Started in early 2017, Splitlog Coffee was founded by two brothers, Adam and Caleb Wittmer, wanting to expand Kansas City exceptional coffee scene to Kansas side of state line. Deciding to take the venture on themselves, they brought on longtime coffee professional Simeon Bricker to help craft a coffee experience for both the coffee enthusiast and the daily drinker. After a short build out the shop opened its doors in April, 2017 and has quickly become a staple of the Strawberry Hill neighborhood. Now, longtime coffee professional, Dwane Jones is the general manager at Splitlog Coffee Company, doing everything from cooking, front register, running drive thru orders, and doing taxes. The team at Splitlog is ever-friendly and creative, always looking for ways to improve the coffee industry, and the customer experience.