Frequently Asked Questions


When should I come to the shop?
Anytime during operating hours! Our peak business times are from 8AM-10AM. If using the drive-thru during that time, please expect wait times from 10-25 minutes.

What time can I order hot breakfast?
From 7AM-1PM.

Why can't I place online orders on Saturday's and Sunday's?
Those are our busiest days of the week! We simply cannot serve guests to the best of our ability with online orders included on those days specifically.

Do you rent out your space?
We can upon request. Please email to learn about rates and availability. 

Can dogs go on the rooftop and patio?
Yes! Absolutely. We love hosting dogs outside and in the drive thru.

How do I order bulk coffee?
Please use our Toast online ordering system to place bulk coffee orders, giving us sufficient time to prepare.

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